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LinkedIn Photos: Best Practices

By: Viveka Thursday January 16, 2014 comments Tags: Lil Miller-Fox, LinkedIn Photo, LinkedIn, Profile photo tips, LinkedIn photo tips

LinkedIn Photos:  Best Practices

LinkedIn Photos: Best Practices B y Elisabeth Miller-Fox and Viveka von Rosen So I am a big fan of investing in a decent photo on LinkedIn. Brian Horn gave me the idea to add the logos of some major media outlets that have published or mentioned me. My word of advice when it comes to LinkedIn photos is invest in yourself when it comes to your profile photo. That glamour shot from your high school graduation is not going to cut it on LinkedIn. If you can, spend some money and get a professional photographer to take you profile shots. By professional photo I dont mean a hokey background and paste-it-on smile. I mean investing in a professional photographer whos got the right lighting, the right angles, and the knowledge to make you look your best. If you dont have a lot of... Read More