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4 Examples To Inspire Your Business Success

By: Howard Lewinter Tuesday January 21, 2014 comments Tags: vision, success, business success, weekly biz tip, business tip, Howard Lewinter, success mindset

4 Examples To Inspire Your Business Success As you look over the horizon at the year ahead, is more success in your business future? Lets talk about achieving success beyond what you may think is possible with four examples. 1) Roger Bannister: Have you ever heard of a guy named Roger Bannister? Most people havent because it seems that events happen but they get lost in history as time goes on. Roger Bannister was a track and field person who ran the mile. Back then people would say: You cant run a mile in 4 minutes, its impossible . It just cant happen. The human body, the way its constructed, you cant run a 4-minute mile. Then one day Roger Bannister ran a mile in a little under 4 minutes. It was revolutionary; nobody thought it could ever happen. Today its... Read More