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Should You Pay for a LinkedIn Account?

By: Viveka Tuesday February 4, 2014 comments Tags: Premium Account, LinkedIn Premium Acc, Should you pay for L, #LinkedInChat

Is a LinkedIn Premium Account Worth The Money? LinkedIn's premium account seems to be a hot topic lately. Is it worth getting one? Should you pay for one? Should we have to pay for social media at all? My opinion on paying for LinkedIn's premium accounts has changed pretty much because LinkedIn has forced me to change my opinion due to its increasing limitations on the free account. Until a few years ago I believed that is long as you had a big enough network and you knew how to use the tools, you didn't need a LinkedIn a premium account. And many people still believe that (usually because they are either unwilling or uninformed about the benefits and limitations) and simply won't pay for an account. I cant blame them LinkedIn doesnt do enough to show the... Read More