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Does Perfection Have A Place In Your Business Day?

By: Howard Lewinter Friday February 21, 2014 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, biz tip, perfection, business resource

We are all a product of our upbringing, of our culture, of our society, what we see on TV, and what we read. All of our surroundings have an impact, conscious or unconscious, on us. Our surroundings can often give us the impression that we should be perfect. For example, if you look at any of the womens fashion magazines covers, such as Vogue, Glamour or Elle while waiting to check out in the grocery store line, youll see pictures of perfect looking women who are perfectly dressed with perfect make-up, perfect hair and a perfect body. Theres the impression that we should be perfect too. Or if you look at mens fashion magazines such as GQ, youll see male fashion models with perfectly toned bodies dressed in casual or business attire perfection. Looking at the photos have ever felt... Read More