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Social Recruiting Trends and LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday March 17, 2014 comments Tags: Who's Viewed, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Recruit, LinkedIn Groups, Introductions, Recruiter Lite, Social Recruiting, LinkedIn Trends

Social Recruiting Trends and LinkedIn Even though LinkedIn has long been known as a recruiter and job seeker social media site, it is extremely under-utilized as a recruitment search AND marketing source. I think most recruiters still just think of it as a place to source and research candidates. And candidates barely know how to use it, not realizing they can be actively marketing themselves to the recruiters and businesses interested in hiring them. With the Recruiter Lite membership abolishing messaging to group members, I think its more important than even for recruiters, hiring manager and others in Talent Acquisition to make use of LinkedIn free (or cheap) features. Beyond LinkedIns great Advanced Search features, it has other communications and engagement... Read More