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John White - Your LinkedIn Publisher Go To Guy!

By: Viveka Sunday September 7, 2014 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Publishing

John White - Your LinkedIn Publisher Go To Guy!

Its kind of cool when you discover someone you admire has been admiring you back! No - I'm not talking - I'm talking! I've been keeping an eye on John White - who's been doing it right on LinkedIn all along. Turns out he was keeping an eye on me too ! (you can read his article on Pulse here!) And now we're teaming up to bring you his LinkedIn Publsiher expertise on the #LinkedInChat Tuesday night! Here's a bit more about John. According to his profile he's a forward thinking digital marketing and social sales executive. He's had over twelve years of business development within the technology sector that includes creating campaigns that drive new business within SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise. He has an established history... Read More

Why and How to Use New LinkedIn Publisher

By: Viveka Friday February 28, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Publishing, LinkedIn Publisher, New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn News, Viveka von Rosen

LinkedIn Publisher is here! LinkedIn Publishing - originally available only to LinkedIn Influencers is here (or soon will be) for the general public! I just got access today and wanted to share it with you ASAP . Here's a Short Video on how to use it: For those of you who read - here's how to do it: 1. You know you have LinkedIn Publisher when you have the little pen in your updates field. (Or you get the email telling you you now have it! 2. Create some new content- I recommend doing it in a word doc first to catch spelling errors - but don't add formatting, you can do that on LinkedIn Publisher 3. Paste into Publisher and add formatting, hyperlinks, images, bullets, etc. 4. Save it 5. PREVIEW IT (you'd be suprised the glitches that pop up!) 6. Post it... Read More