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The Rise of Visual Storytelling on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday March 10, 2014 comments Tags: Ekaterina Walter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Visuals, Visual Storytelling

The Rise of Visual Storytelling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Visual Storytelling Ekaterina Walter's new book, The Power Of Visual Storytelling (that she wrote with Jessica Gioglio ) inspired me to write a quick article about the rise of visual storytelling on LinkedIn . Back when I started using LinkedIn in 2005, it was a purely text-based social site. Not a picture to be seen except for the LinkedIn logo and our photo. Eventually LinkedIn incorporated some third-party apps like Slideshare , Behance and Wordpress that allowed us to bring in a little visual imagery. And then even though LinkedIn bought Slideshare they got rid of all of their applications in one fell swoop. Groups and Company pages eventually got a makeover allowing for Facebook like Banner images, or hero images to help with... Read More