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Creating a Profile that Attracts Prospects

By: Viveka Thursday March 20, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile, using keywords, LinkedIn Prospecting, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Smart Searc, social media resourc, Professional Headlin, LinkedIn Tips

Creating a Profile that Attracts Prospects Itsimportant to remember that your profile is your online branding, so you need to make sure that your profile has cohesive branding to your website and other social presences. Make sure you are using the right logo and make sure that your employees are using the right logo. You might want to create some standardized copy as a template your employees can use (if you have employees) in their profiles. Another thing to remember is that LinkedIn is like a website, and just like you wouldnt want spelling or grammatical errors on your website, you want to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is free of errors as well. One way to get around this is to create your profile first in a Word document to catch spelling and grammatical... Read More