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No New Products and Services Pages on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Tuesday March 18, 2014 comments Tags: Showcase pages, LinkedIn Company Pag, Product and service , No products tab, No services tab

UPDATE again: Ok -its not official - - LinkedIn is getting rid of product and service pages and people are PISSED! html LinkedIn Abolishes the Products and Services Page on Company Pages So I'm in the middle of showing a new client how to add and target products and services pages on LinkedIn , and he's all "I don't have that link". And I'm all "Yes you do, if you go to your home page its in the drop down to the right of edit." And he's all "No its not." And I'm all "Yes it is - here let me show you." (Big internal sigh and general frustration with people who don't know what an edit button looks like. But it turns out he was right! The Add Product link is gone! Not only on his... Read More