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Find The Joy In Your Business Day

By: Howard Lewinter Wednesday March 26, 2014 comments Tags: joy in business, business tip, Weekly Business Tip, Howard Lewinter, positive energy, positive approach, positive mindset

Find The Joy In Your Business DaY Do you often find yourself upset and stressed about your business day? You walk into the work day with a great cup of coffee in your hand ready to take on whatever comes your way. Youve got great plans to accomplish many things today. And then for whatever reasons the day begins to unravel and takes on a different flow than you had planned which brings upset and stress. Pause and think for a moment: Do you remember when you started out in business or at the job you currently have? Do you remember how excited you were? Do you remember how you were going to take on the world and make a difference? What happened? How did the upset, stress and overwhelm creep into your business days? The challenge is to keep the... Read More