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LinkedIn for Small Businesses (LinkedIn SMB)

By: Viveka Tuesday March 25, 2014 comments Tags: @LinkedInSMB, Davis Schneider, LinkedIn Small Busin

LinkedIn for Small Businesses (LinkedIn SMB)

# LinkedInCHat with Davis Schneider of LinkedIn Small Business Services Davis Schneider Davis Schneider is a Content Marketer and Small Business Advocate over at LinkedIn and has been kind enough to join our # LinkedInChat to answer all our questions! I met Davis thanks to my Premium account! I was checking to see what employees from what companies had been viewing my profile and saw Davis was one of the folks from LinkedIn . Since I tell other people to reach out to folks who have viewed their profile, I decided to reach out to Davis too! And he responded. We had a quick phone call and I was gratified to learn how seriously he and LinkedIn take the small to medium size businesses on LinkedIn which is most of us! According to his LinkedIn Profile, Davis acts... Read More