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Go-Givers Find More Work: The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success for Jobseekers

By: Viveka Monday June 7, 2010 comments Tags: Job Seekers, Bob Burg, The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, John David Mann, Jobeekers, Finding a Job

Anyone who has been around me for more than ten minutes, knows how much I love Bob Burg and the book he wrote with John David Manns : The Go Giver. I think "The Go-Giver" absolutely exemplifies the best of social media culture (although he doesnt mention social media at all!) "The Go-Giver" and their new book: Go-Givers Sell More basically tell us that by giving of our time and talent, we can attract much more business and compensation (all forms) than by constantly trying to "sell sell sell" and "get get get." I was recently asked to give a Key Note for the Longs Peak Networking Group . I just assumed Id be speaking on social media because - you know - thats what I do ! But they wanted me to speak to their jobseekers about something else. About the need for generosity... Read More