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Further Engagement With LinkedIn’s New Inbox

By: Viveka Monday April 14, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn's New Inbox, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Messages

Further Engagement With LinkedIn’s New Inbox

Further Engagement With LinkedIns New Inbox If y ou haven't checked out your LinkedIn inbox lately now might be the time. LinkedIn is finally linking their contacts feature with your LinkedIn inbox. When you click on the Messages link to the left of your inbox, and then click on the message that a contact hia sent you, you will see not only a digest of past messages on the right-hand side of your screen, but two symbols that allow you to either write a note or set a reminder! So now when someone writes you a message during your very busy day, and you're not quite ready or don't have the time to respond, you can simply set up a reminder to get back in touch with that person. The only thing I want to reinforce here is that you have to make it a practice to go into your... Read More