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2 Important Steps to Take in Business When Someone Disagrees With You

By: Howard Lewinter Monday April 28, 2014 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tips, Business Advice, Good Business Practi

2 Important Steps To Take In Business When Someone Disagrees With You What business are you in? Sounds like a simple question, doesnt it? With an obvious, easy answer, right? The answer is actually universal and applies to everyone in business. You are in the people business. Why is that the answer? Because everything you do in business is about people. What you sell are relationships that happen to be connected to the product or service your company offers. Once you understand this concept, you will understand the premise of a successful business. Because you are in the business of people, effective communication becomes vitally important. Yet communication with other people you meet in your business day is one of the most difficult things we all do as humans.... Read More