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5 Ways to Sell on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday January 9, 2017 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Strat, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert, Social Selling

LinkedIn is one of the oldest (2003) and really one of the more sophisticated social media sites for business people. Designed to connect professionals and showcase their resumes, few companies thought to market their products and services on the platform in the early days. Today, however, it has grown into a thriving community that presents plenty of opportunities for sales with just a little bit of creativity. Here are five ways you can sell on LinkedIn without really selling! Join Groups Even though LinkedIn groups are not what they used to be, if you pick the right group, they can still be a great place to find and connect with like-minded individuals. Social Selling on LinkedIn works best when you are a part of the communities you wish to sell to. Fortunately,... Read More

Driving Sales on the Road: How LinkedIn’s Upgraded Mobile App will Help You Stay Connected and Engaged in Your Busy World.

By: Viveka Thursday May 26, 2016 comments Tags: Linkedin Mobile app, LinkedIn, Viveka von Rosen, Social Selling, LinkedIn Prospecting

Driving Sales on the Road: How LinkedIn’s Upgraded Mobile App will Help You Stay Connected and Engaged in Your Busy World.

How LinkedIns Upgraded Mobile App will Help You Stay Connected and Engaged in Your Busy World Does this sound familiar? You are driving to Starbucks, caught in traffic. The man you are going to meet has been on your radar for years . In fact, they make fun of you at work, asking how things are going with The Mystery Man. They can laugh all they want, but YOU know he is your big ticket! Hes the one person who can help you achieve everything you have ever wanted in life. The car in front of you crawls forward. You are going to be late. Late for the most important meeting of your life! Frantically you ask your Apple Play to send him a text. But you dont have his phone number! How could you have forgotten to save his phone number? Then your phone pings. Its your... Read More

Cool Tools: WiseStamp

By: Viveka Tuesday June 30, 2015 comments Tags: Social Tools, Social Selling, SOcial Media Tools, Sales tools

Cool Tools:  WiseStamp

What is this thing you call WiseStamp ? (Stolen right fromtheir website!) WiseStamp helps you create beautiful, professional email signatures for you, and for your team, so you can turn each email you send into a marketing tool. WiseStamps vision is to build an Email Apps Platform that enables users to utilize their emails with social, productive and engaging Email Apps. Theres a huge gap between email and the social and dynamic web of today. Our passion is to bridge this gap by building a strong platform with a variety of Email Apps that on one hand lets users make a better use of their daily emails - adding a whole new level of functionality and interaction - and on the other hand enables publishers (social services and brands) to distribute their content... Read More

Social Selling and LinkedIn!

By: Viveka Tuesday December 9, 2014 comments Tags: Social Selling, #Lin, #LinkedInChat, Social Selling, B2B Social Selling

Social Selling and LinkedIn!

4 Awesome Social Selling Resources! Why is this topic so hot right now? Probably because people realize the old marketingclich of the pushy sales guy just doesn't work. (I didn't think people still did that and then I went to try and buy new car. Yikes!)Thankfully there are more people who seem to get it! I just got off the phone with Jon Ferrara of Nimble and I love what he had to say: Its not about social selling its about social serving creating the conversations with people who matter so you can earn their trust!" How cool is that? Chats: Social selling is definitely a hot topic in social media right now. Theres even a great weekly chat on Social Selling - #SSHour (Mondays at 4 PM ET): We're doing the #LinkedInChat... Read More

B2B: Social Selling Revealed

By: superadmin Thursday June 5, 2014 comments Tags: B2B Sales, Social Selling, Customer Realtionshi, B2B Social Selling

B2B: Social Selling Revealed

ByCyril Bladier On average, buyers have already completed 57% of their buying decision making process before they begin to deal with a business. And when they do, more than 50% have already made ​​a list of potential suppliers. Buyer behavior has changed mainly because of the emergence of the Internet. They "self-educate" by using the Internet to educate and inform themselves without ever needing the help of a salesperson. Social selling, via the use of social networks in the sales approach, establishes new relationships. From balance to misunderstanding The relationship between salespeople and buyers has changed. After a period of balanced relationships between buyers and salespeople: Buyers / Salespeople - Identifying needs and researching information / qualifying... Read More

Social Selling with Ivor Kellock

By: Viveka Monday April 28, 2014 comments Tags: Ivor Kellock, Social Selling, B2B Selling, @SellingbySocial, #SocialSelling, #LinkedInChat

Social Selling with Ivor Kellock Last week was such a great success that we decided to stay on topic Social Selling on LinkedIn in this weeks #LinkedInChat! Our special guest joins us from across the pond. We are very lucky to have Ivor Kellock one of the most connected and most endorsed guys on LinkedIn! Ivor has had an eclectic career experienced many flavors of life with one common thread running through it all - 30 years in sales! Sales seems to be a dirty word these days with every conceivable title created to hide the fact that the bottom line in any business or organization is sales. One of Ivors favorite sayings (and how true it is:) Nothing happens until a sale is made (attributed to Thomas Watson senior, President of IBM from 1914 to 1956) Except of... Read More