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Social Selling with Ivor Kellock

By: Viveka Monday April 28, 2014 comments Tags: Ivor Kellock, Social Selling, B2B Selling, @SellingbySocial, #SocialSelling, #LinkedInChat

Social Selling with Ivor Kellock Last week was such a great success that we decided to stay on topic Social Selling on LinkedIn in this weeks #LinkedInChat! Our special guest joins us from across the pond. We are very lucky to have Ivor Kellock one of the most connected and most endorsed guys on LinkedIn! Ivor has had an eclectic career experienced many flavors of life with one common thread running through it all - 30 years in sales! Sales seems to be a dirty word these days with every conceivable title created to hide the fact that the bottom line in any business or organization is sales. One of Ivors favorite sayings (and how true it is:) Nothing happens until a sale is made (attributed to Thomas Watson senior, President of IBM from 1914 to 1956) Except of... Read More