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How to create a stylish email signature with LinkedIn

By: Viveka Wednesday May 28, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tools, LinkedIn Apps, 3rd Party Apps, LinkedIn Signature

How to create a stylish email signature with LinkedIn

WiseStamp helps YOU create stylish signatures! Ever wish you could put a stylish snapshot of your LinkedIn Profile as your signature line ? Or are you frustrated when your email sig looks like gobblygook when read through another browser or email client? Well - I have a solution for you! has created a email signature applet that pulls your pic, professional headline and public profile URL and arranges them into a stylish signature stamp that holds its formatting and professional appearance across browsers and email clients. Try it out for free at Frustrated with your mac or iPhone signature? No problem, wise stamp has a solution for that too: How to add your WiseStamp signature to Mac Mail ? How to set WiseStamp on my iPhone? ... Read More