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#LinkedInChat with Kim Beasley

By: Viveka Tuesday May 27, 2014 comments Tags: Google+, Kim Beasley

#LinkedInChat with Kim Beasley

LinkedIn, Google+, Social Selling - oh my! So chances are you already know my good friend Kim Beasley - I've done a few interviews with her, and shes already been featured on the #LinkedInChat as a guest moderator. But I wanted to bring her back to talk about her success with not only LinkedIn - but Google+ ! So Kim will be our special guest TONIGHT (Tuesday May 27th) on the #LinkedInChat at 8 PM ET (5 PM PT) #LinkedInChat Questions Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself Q2: Whats something unique about you that no one else knows? Q3: When did you get interested in social media? Q4: how do you use social media in your business? Q5: How do you use LinkedIn in your business? Q6: What are some strengths on LinkedIn? Q7: What are some of LinkedIns weaknesses? Q8:... Read More