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B2B: Social Selling Revealed

By: superadmin Thursday June 5, 2014 comments Tags: B2B Sales, Social Selling, Customer Realtionshi, B2B Social Selling

B2B: Social Selling Revealed

ByCyril Bladier On average, buyers have already completed 57% of their buying decision making process before they begin to deal with a business. And when they do, more than 50% have already made ​​a list of potential suppliers. Buyer behavior has changed mainly because of the emergence of the Internet. They "self-educate" by using the Internet to educate and inform themselves without ever needing the help of a salesperson. Social selling, via the use of social networks in the sales approach, establishes new relationships. From balance to misunderstanding The relationship between salespeople and buyers has changed. After a period of balanced relationships between buyers and salespeople: Buyers / Salespeople - Identifying needs and researching information / qualifying... Read More