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LinkedIn Premium - Is it for You?

By: superadmin Monday June 16, 2014 comments Tags: Cyril Bladier, LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Paid Accoun

LinkedIn Premium - Is it for You?

LinkedIn why take a subscription? ByCyril Bladier During my almost weekly conferences or trainings on LinkedIn, I'm often asked if it's worth taking a paid subscription on LinkedIn. Until recently, I rather put emphasis on the free features of LinkedIn and all you could do without paying. But since a few weeks, LinkedIn released new premium features making the subscription more and more interesting, especially if you want to better enjoy the power of the platform. Some features are quite old : History Taking a paid subscription on LinkedIn allows to keep a 90 days history of the people who viewed your profile. In free mode, you keep a history of the last 5 people. The majority of the profiles have less than 2 visits per day so they just have to visit... Read More