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What to do now that we are losing LinkedIn’s CRM features (Saved and Advanced Search, Tagging and Notes)

By: Viveka Wednesday January 18, 2017 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tags, Nimble, Dux-Soup, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips

You have probably heard rumors about all the changes being made to LinkedIn in the next few months. (If not, read this article). One of the biggest changes is that we are losing the Advanced search as well as saved searches, tagging and note-taking. All CRM aspects of the FREE LinkedIn service are going away. Which is a HUGE bummer for people who have been actively prospecting using these tools with their free LinkedIn accounts. The solution within LinkedIn is to upgrade to Sales Navigator (which I personally love,) but at $79 a month, that is going to be outside of most peoples wheelhouse! Another solution is to use the Chrome Extension Dux-Soup which has both free and paid version and works to create Tags and Notes for your prospects on LinkedIn (when using Chrome.) ... Read More

Jon Ferrara, Nimble and Social CRMs

By: Viveka Monday June 16, 2014 comments Tags: Jon Ferrara, Nimble, Social CRM

Jon Ferrara, Nimble and Social CRMs

Getting it Right - Social CRM's on the #LinkedInChat I just got off the phone with Jon Ferrara, pioneer creator of CRM solutions, CEO of and Founder of GoldMine. This guy knows his Contact Management Systems. Plus he's like the nicest guy ever. Even though he is the CEO of Nimble - a business that is growing leaps and bounds every day (you should hear some of his stories!) Jon makes the time to meet with me and - get this - show me some of Nimble's features. He doesn't fob me off on a customer service rep. He shows me himself. That's just the kind of guy Jon is! I got so excited by what he was showing me (I've been using Nimble - apparently ineffectively - for years) that I begged him to do a Webinar and #LinkedInChat for me. So that chat is tomorrow (June 17th) at 5... Read More