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Hacking LinkedIn with Comedian Bryan Seely

By: Viveka Wednesday July 2, 2014 comments Tags: Bryan Seely, LinkedIn hack

Hacking LinkedIn with Comedian Bryan Seely

Hacking LinkedIn with Comedian Bryan Seely I recently came across this funny and educational LinkedIn article by Bryan Seely - so I asked if I could share it. He said yes :) Article follows (Original here ): I really need to find a better hobby. Apparently, normal people don't think about website behaviors nor do they try to exploit them like some damn child prodigy looking at a crypto puzzle in a Bruce Willis Movie ( Mercury Rising ). I'm not saying I am a child prodigy by any means. I am 31. This story starts on a sunny day in Seattle, and yes, we have plenty of those days here. 5 to be exact. The rest of the year is terrible so don't move here, its awful, and you won't like it. The traffic problem is bad enough as it is. So stay in Arizona, California, or... Read More