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Work Backwards For Business Success by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Monday August 25, 2014 comments Tags: Business Strategy, Howard Lewinter, business success, improve business suc

Work Backwards For Business Success by Howard Lewinter Youve probably heard the phrase play it forward or pay it forward. In fact, there was a popular movie a number of years ago entitled, Pay It Forward, that perhaps youve seen. The concept is that when something good or nice happens to you, you then do similar and do something good or nice for someone else. Then that individual does something nice for another individual and the concept goes, hopefully, on and on with the goal of making this world a better place to live and work in. The concept is certainly a wonderful, timeless idea that we definitely need in our world today, both locally and globally. Its not just about doing one good thing for one person. Its about doing good and being nice to everyone you meet in your day,... Read More