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Social Selling and LinkedIn!

By: Viveka Tuesday December 9, 2014 comments Tags: Social Selling, #Lin, #LinkedInChat, Social Selling, B2B Social Selling

Social Selling and LinkedIn!

4 Awesome Social Selling Resources! Why is this topic so hot right now? Probably because people realize the old marketingclich of the pushy sales guy just doesn't work. (I didn't think people still did that and then I went to try and buy new car. Yikes!)Thankfully there are more people who seem to get it! I just got off the phone with Jon Ferrara of Nimble and I love what he had to say: Its not about social selling its about social serving creating the conversations with people who matter so you can earn their trust!" How cool is that? Chats: Social selling is definitely a hot topic in social media right now. Theres even a great weekly chat on Social Selling - #SSHour (Mondays at 4 PM ET): We're doing the #LinkedInChat... Read More