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LinkedIn for Job Seekers: Part One

By: Viveka Tuesday January 27, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn for Jobseek, LinkedIn Ninja Trick, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen

LinkedIn for Job Seekers: Part One

Do Your Research! Are you a graduate, entering the job market for the first time? Or maybe you are coming back into the job marketing after raising your kids or taking a medical hiatus? Or is it time to switch careers to something more suitable and with more options? If you are thinking about getting a new job for any reason, LinkedIn is NOT an option! It is necessary to your success in finding a great position! Jobs Listings Before you even get started on creating or optimizing your presence on LinkedIn, do you homework! Research (but dont apply just yet) for jobs already listed on LinkedIn that you might be interested in. Job listings are found on the top menu. You can search by title, location and even my Company in the advanced settings. The reason to check these... Read More