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LinkedIn for Job Seekers – Part Two

By: Viveka Friday January 30, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn for jobseek, LinkedIn Profile Tip, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen

LinkedIn for Job Seekers – Part Two

LinkedInfor Job Seekers - Make a Good Impression So from the previous post you have a good idea of what the job requirements are for the positions you are interested in. Now is the time to make a good impression! You must upload your image! We are a highly visual species so you want to make sure your profile is visually attractive. This meansuploading a good picture of yourself a professional picture of yourself. A selfie will not do! Nor will a logo or leaving this area blank! And once you have uploaded the photo, make it visible to everyone. If you don't have the money for a professional photoshoot then grab a friend with the good camera, do yourself up, play with lighting, and snap about a 100 pictures. I guarantee at least one of those will be good enough to... Read More