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LinkedIn for Job Seekers: Part Three

By: Viveka Tuesday February 3, 2015 comments Tags: Job Seekers, Job Searching, finding job with Lin

LinkedIn for Job Seekers: Part Three

It Is Who You Know - So Who Do You Know? Time for you to do more homework! Research companies on LinkedIn that you would be interested working for. Just click on the search and drop down to "Companies" and type in the Company name. From the Company page you can see who you might knowat the company you want to work for, and after you perfect your profile (see LinkedIn for Jobseekers: Part Two to make sure you the best most professional profile possible), work on actively building your relationships with some of the people who work there. You might even know a few already! (When I am prospecting a company to work with, I am often surprised that I already know some folks there who can help me land the gig!) Dont worry if the peopleyou know are not the HR or hiring manager... Read More