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New LinkedIn Groups App

By: Viveka Thursday October 15, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn App, LinkedIn Groups App, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert

The NEW LinkedIn Groups the application is now available for your Apple device and I actually really, really like it. (Changes to Groups on LinkedIn rolling out soon!) Go to iTunes, click on Apps and Search for LinkedIn Groups. It is NOT the first app to show up. You will recognize it because it looks a lot like the Connected app. Check out this video to see LinkedInGroups in action! Once it is downloaded and opened it, the app is going to ask you if you want to sign in as yourself (if you already have a LinkedIn mobile app.) If you don't, then you'll probably just have to sign into LinkedIn. Either way, you only have to do it once, and then the LinkedIn Groups app will take you to the home screen where you can see what's happening. The Highlights page is pretty much... Read More

Is SWAM a LinkedIn Epic Failure? By John White

By: superadmin Thursday March 19, 2015 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Spam, LinkedIn SWAM, LinkedIn Groups

Is SWAM a LinkedIn Epic Failure? By John White

By John White LinkedIn groups are a mega opportunity for networking and personal branding. They are a fantastic way to share your own content, and engage on the content of others' you would like to connect with. Groups provide you with a targeted networking opportunity that you can't get elsewhere. Related Post : Are You a LinkedIn Influencer? However, in my opinion there is a huge glitch in the system that is causing a degraded user experience within all LinkedIn groups. The glitch I am referring to is Site Wide Automated Monitoring (SWAM), LinkedIn's automated system they put in place in an effort to prevent users from spamming in groups. With SWAM, if any group moderator either intentionally or unintentionally flags one your posts, your posting status becomes... Read More

LinkedIn’s New Group Interface

By: Viveka Tuesday April 8, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, New group interface, LinkedIn, New on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s New Group Interface

LinkedIns New Group Interface LinkedIn has a new group interface that is MUCH easier to use then the old one. To find it simply go to Interests on you main menu bar and then click on Groups (just like you used to) Once there you'll notice a completely different layout. All your groups are listed across the top with stylish square icons. (To see them all you just click on view more.) You can also see (by a small number on the top right of each image) how many discussions are going on in your groups. And you can post a discussion to a group of your choice right from this page as well. Just add your title, description, pick you group and decide if its a discussion, promotion or job. You can only post to one group at a time. The most popular discussions in your groups... Read More

Social Recruiting Trends and LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday March 17, 2014 comments Tags: Who's Viewed, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Recruit, LinkedIn Groups, Introductions, Recruiter Lite, Social Recruiting, LinkedIn Trends

Social Recruiting Trends and LinkedIn Even though LinkedIn has long been known as a recruiter and job seeker social media site, it is extremely under-utilized as a recruitment search AND marketing source. I think most recruiters still just think of it as a place to source and research candidates. And candidates barely know how to use it, not realizing they can be actively marketing themselves to the recruiters and businesses interested in hiring them. With the Recruiter Lite membership abolishing messaging to group members, I think its more important than even for recruiters, hiring manager and others in Talent Acquisition to make use of LinkedIn free (or cheap) features. Beyond LinkedIns great Advanced Search features, it has other communications and engagement... Read More

One LinkedIn Members Extremely Thoughtful Response to the New Groups Format

By: Viveka Thursday August 29, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, New LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Group Owner, changes to groups, Viveka von Rosen, Steve Spenser, new Group UI

I recently posted an article on the new LinkedIn Group format ( ). I personally like the new look, and being comfortable with the platform, didnt think too much beyond that. I played around in it for awhile and then posted what I liked and was concerned about. And then I posted it in one of my groups. Well I was blown away by Steve Spensers response! ( ). Steve is a "Web-site usability expert and principal of Praxis Communication. I asked if he would let me share them with you and he said yes. While The following opinions are not necessarily my own I think Stevens reply was so considerate you should see read it too. What I like is that Steven is... Read More

How to Protect Yourself on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Tuesday April 2, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn safety, public profile URL, broadcast feed

Protect Your Profile Your Reputation On LinkedIn While LinkedIn is probably the safest of all the social media sites, there are still a few easy steps you can take and security settings you can adjust to protect yourself more fully on LinkedIn. Security Settings: To get to your security settings, click on the "Settings" link under your name on the top right(ish) side of LinkedIn, or if you have the newest User Interface , click on "Security and Settings" under your picture on the top right side of LinkedIn. Add Email Addresses The first thing you want to do is add all your email addresses to the email address section in settings. This will keep anyone from creating a fake account under... Read More

LinkedIn Has Done It Again - Another New Interface!

By: Viveka Wednesday March 13, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Groups, Viveka von Rosen, New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI, Add connections, LinkedIn Network Tab, LinkedIn Career Tab

LinkedIn's Latest User Interface Changes Well, LinkedIn's done it again. Made a whole bunch of changes to its user interface. To be fair - most of the changes are on the menu bar.  But they are big changes! I have a video below that walks you through step-by-step. It was done on the fly and with my client's profile (and permission), but it'll tell you what you need to know if you to have the new user interface on LinkedIn. Video of LinkedIn's New Changes Homepage Tab The homepage is pretty much the same. Except now instead of the full LinkedIn logo, it's just the blue LinkedIn logo. But it takes you to the same place. Profile Tab Under 'Profile' you'll notice we've lost the drop down box. Meaning you have to edit and view your profile from the... Read More

New Featured Groups on LinkedIn Company Pages

By: Viveka Tuesday December 11, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, Featured Groups

Spotlight your groups on your Company Page Featured Groups on Linkedin Looks like LinkedIn is at it again! This time helping us to "drive member growth and deepen engagement by highlighting groups on your Company Page.LinkedIn is really making an effort to make their Company profiles more engaging and exciting. I was kind of bummed when they took away our ability to add our blog feeds automatically to our profiles, although targeted updates and update statistics more than made up for it. Now we have a new feature to add to our company page: Featured Groups. Previously LinkedIn had plugged the groups it thought were relevant into this section - but now you get to choose. You only get to add three groups, and you must be a member of the group - or even better, own or... Read More

Growing and Maintaining a Strong Group on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Tuesday October 30, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, #LinkedInChat

Own a LinkedIn Group? Remember These Four Things... LinkedIn groups have kinda gotten a bad rap lately because - well - they are kinda full of spammers and crap. BUT, LinkedIn groups can also be one of the best places to meet and engage with like-minded others. In fact, LinkedIn Groups are one of the few places on LinkedIn that you can easily engage with other members who are not your first level connections. SO make YOUR LinkedIn group one worth visiting and joining. Here's how: MODERATE: Make sure you are in your LinkedIn Group every day: Kicking out the spammers Instigating conversation Thanking the new members for joining.You might even ask them each a question to "introduce" them to the group and help them feel... Read More

What Makes a LinkedIn Group Engaging and Sticky?

By: Viveka Monday August 6, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, LinkChat

The Anatomy of a Great Group Description What makes a group engaging and sticky?  Certainly the discussions, posts, content and interaction within the group; but you must first build your group on a strong foundation.  And for that you need an excellent group description and a great set of group rules.  Fortunately we have Anne Thornley-Brown , Group Manager of “Event Planning and Event Management ” ( founded and owned by Julius Solaris @tojulius) to show us how! What’s the result of a great group discussion?  I took the effort to go through all 50 of my groups in order to find one I could leave so that  I could join Julius's subgroup “Social Media and Event Technology for Event Planners and Meeting Planners ”  (that Anne manages). That is how enticing and... Read More