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LinkedIn Tools Series: eGrabber Email Prospector

By: Viveka Friday April 1, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Prospecting, eGrabber, LinkedIn Tips

eGrabber To get the email address, phone number, and other contact and company information for a prospect, I use a tool called Email Prospector by eGrabber. This tool is awesome because it essentially fills in the holes of information that you have on your prospects. You may have a name and company but no email address. Or you know their company and title but cannot remember their name. Simply put in all the information that you know from LinkedIn or other sources, and eGrabber will look for everything else. Through a patent pending search eGrabberis able to scope out Google, Bing, Hoovers, LinkedIn and many other sites out there and pull as much information as it can. The research that you can get from eGrabber is incredibly extensive. It exports into a .CSV... Read More