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A New Social Dashboard You Need To Know About

By: Viveka Wednesday April 29, 2015 comments Tags: Dasheroo, John Hingley, Social Dashboard, Social Metrics, Social Analytics, Viveka von Rosen

In any given week I get about 10 email requests from people who want to show me their new app. Sometimes I respond, sometimes they go to spam. Can I just say that I am ever so glad that I responded to John Hingley ( @therealhingley ) of Dasheroo ( @GetDasheroo ) Dasheroo is a social dashboard, that pulls your Insights (metrics / analytics) from a variety of different social and digital platforms. I was particularly interested because I am always getting requests from people on where to find the best LinkedIn insights. Previously, unless you had a hefty marketing budget, there wasn't really a good LinkedIn metrics dashboard available. Thanks to Sue Zimmerman (@TheInstagramExpert), I am also now getting more involved in Instagram . Which also has great analytics if... Read More