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What’s the Difference Between Social Listening, Analytics and Intelligence?

Sunday September 4, 2016 comments Tags: Brandwatch, Social Media, Social Analytics, Social Listening

Guest Post: Brandwatch Social listening, social analytics and social intelligence. Its all the same, right? Well not quite. We were asked this very question on Twitter, so we thought it worth writing an explanation for all to read. Firstly, no, technically, the terms dont mean the same thing. However, they are often used interchangeably to discuss activities related to social media monitoring (thats what we do!) Even more confusingly, whilst they are often used to mean the same thing, they are also used differently by different people and companies within the industry. Heres an explanation of the differences, and how each term is frequently used. Social Listening Lets start with social listening. Social listening or more accurately social media... Read More

A New Social Dashboard You Need To Know About

By: Viveka Wednesday April 29, 2015 comments Tags: Dasheroo, John Hingley, Social Dashboard, Social Metrics, Social Analytics, Viveka von Rosen

In any given week I get about 10 email requests from people who want to show me their new app. Sometimes I respond, sometimes they go to spam. Can I just say that I am ever so glad that I responded to John Hingley ( @therealhingley ) of Dasheroo ( @GetDasheroo ) Dasheroo is a social dashboard, that pulls your Insights (metrics / analytics) from a variety of different social and digital platforms. I was particularly interested because I am always getting requests from people on where to find the best LinkedIn insights. Previously, unless you had a hefty marketing budget, there wasn't really a good LinkedIn metrics dashboard available. Thanks to Sue Zimmerman (@TheInstagramExpert), I am also now getting more involved in Instagram . Which also has great analytics if... Read More