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Nimble and LinkedIn

By: Viveka Tuesday May 19, 2015 comments Tags: LinkedIn and Nimble, Jon Ferrara, Social CRM

Nimble and LinkedIn

How Nimble are You? Tonight we have J on Ferrara of Nimble as our special guest on the #LinkedInChat. Why? Well because Nimble has just released a super cool update to their Nimble Smart Contacts App , and I wanted to make sure you knew about it. The new extension automatically builds live contact and company profiles on anyone, anywhere. So with all of LinkedIn's new restrictions on connecting as well as theirAPI restrictions - this couldn't come at a better time! You can install the New Nimble Smart Contacts App in - Chrome , Safari or Firefox This update is HUGE and you have to see it to believe it - you can read more on theirblog . Jon says he has not been as excited about a product since helaunched GoldMine CRM years... Read More