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Cool Tools: WiseStamp

By: Viveka Tuesday June 30, 2015 comments Tags: Social Tools, Social Selling, SOcial Media Tools, Sales tools

Cool Tools:  WiseStamp

What is this thing you call WiseStamp ? (Stolen right fromtheir website!) WiseStamp helps you create beautiful, professional email signatures for you, and for your team, so you can turn each email you send into a marketing tool. WiseStamps vision is to build an Email Apps Platform that enables users to utilize their emails with social, productive and engaging Email Apps. Theres a huge gap between email and the social and dynamic web of today. Our passion is to bridge this gap by building a strong platform with a variety of Email Apps that on one hand lets users make a better use of their daily emails - adding a whole new level of functionality and interaction - and on the other hand enables publishers (social services and brands) to distribute their content... Read More