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By: Viveka Tuesday July 14, 2015 comments Tags: Brian Carter, #LinkedInChat


Brian Carter: Social Guru and Funny Guy ! I've known Brian Carter for a LOOOOOONG time. Ok - I'll fess up, I've known OF Brian Carter for a long time because of his book LinkedInfor Business :How Advertisers, Marketers and Salespeople Get Leads, Sales and Profits from LinkedIn. And then I was privileged to get to meet Brian F2F at Social Media Marketing World (and even got to eat dinner with him - 2x!) And now I get to call him a friend. So what's the first things friends do? Ask each other for favors of course. No? Well, I did anyway! And Brian, because he's a nice guytoo, agreed to be on our #LinkedInChat tonight (July 14th).So I am superpsyched! Ok, in case you are new to social media,he's a prolific writer, has not one - but THREE podcasts, has... Read More