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The #LinkedInChat

By: Viveka Tuesday July 20, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedIn Tips, #LinkedInChat, Tweetchat, LinkedInChat, Tweet Chat, Learning on Twitter, Teaching on Twitter

The #LinkedInChat When: Every Tuesday Night Where: (or Time: 8 Eastern, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific Hosts: @LinkedInExpert and... YOU! Hashtag: #LinkedInChat Topic: LinkedIn Questions, Tips and Tricks Tonight's TweetChat was such a success that we are going to do it every Tuesday Night. Tell your friends and meet us on Twitter (As one Tweeter pointed out - the only social medium we could do this kind of chat on!) But wait - there's more! B-to-B Marketing agency, MLT Creative's and I ( LinkedIntoBusiness ) will also be offering a free LinkedIn webinar next week, July 28 at 2Pm MST! Click here to find out more! We're here... Read More

Newest LinkedIn Statistic: LinkedIn and Twitter in a Neck to Neck Race!

By: Viveka Thursday October 15, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Stats

Here are the facts from this mornings LinkedIn Blog ! LinkedIn now has 50 million users worldwide and are growing roughly one new member per second. According to the blog, when LinkedIn launched in 2003, it took 477 days to reach their first million members. This last million took only 12 days. Almost half of LinkedIns total membership is international. The Blog tells us LinkedIn has 11 million users in Europe alone. India is currently the fastest-growing country - 3 million users. And for those of you in the Netherlands you have the highest rate of adoption per capita outside the U.S., at 30%. Well Twitter at 47 Million its time to catch up! ... Read More

The Ten

By: Viveka Friday July 31, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn and Twitter, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

The Ten Be's of Social Media Be relevant Be informative - give information away - a lot Be human - create relationships Be current Be substantial Be transparent (be able to back your claims up) Be in touch (pick up the phone!) Be clear on your brand Be clear on your keywords (OPTIMIZE) Be prolific Don't' BE PUSHY More on social media at the Best Practice Institute in November ... Read More

New to Twitter

By: Viveka Tuesday November 4, 2008 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn and Twitter

So while I might have a really great understanding of linkedIn, I am a Twitter Newbie. But unlike LI, which can sometimes feel a little cold (who wants an "IDK"?!?), I've found most Tweeple to be really awesome and helpful. (So much so that I actually find myself using the word "Tweeple") It's not that I'm forgoing linkedIn, it's a fab business tool.... but I do find myself logging into Twitter more. ... Read More