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5 Ways your Brand Can Tell its Story to Attract Loyal Customers

Tuesday February 16, 2016 comments Tags: Ravi Shukle, Customer service, customer loyalty

Written By Ravi Shukle Ravi Shukle is a customer service specialist who help businesses create life long customers through customer service. ( [email protected] ) Learn more about Managing Customers and Dealing with Trolls in this FREE webinar Thursday the 18th at noon EST ( 9 AM PST ). CLICK HERE to join! 5 WAYS YOUR BRAND CAN TELL ITS STORY TO ATTRACT LOYAL CUSTOMERS What was your favourite story growing up? Thought of one? Great! Now lets take a look at why that story has stuck in your mind. The simple reason you remember that one story is because you were able to connect with it emotionally and relate to the plot, the characters, or even both. These same principles also apply in the world of business, and can help organisations increase their... Read More