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What’s Up with LinkedIn Recommendations?

By: Viveka Friday June 24, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, New LinkedIn Recomme, LinkedIn profiles

What’s Up with LinkedIn Recommendations?

Youve heard of LinkedIn recommendations. Maybe even have a few. But really, whats the point? Why bother? INCREASED CREDIBILITY What is a LinkedIn Recommendation? A LinkedIn recommendation is the exact same thing as a testimonial. Except on LinkedIn. And according to McKinsey, testimonials may be the driving factor in purchasing 20% 50% of the time. Check out your averages sales page. How many testimonials do you see? In fact, some sales and landing pages are mostly testimonials with a smattering of sales copy dropped in! How about you? Have you ever decided to buy or not buy something on Amazon because of a review? Consider LinkedIn recommendations to be a review of your business on LinkedIn. Another bonus is that recommendations are listed twice on your profile. Once... Read More

LinkedIn Notifications…. A Mistake that Worked Out.

By: Viveka Friday June 10, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Notifications, LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn Notifications…. A Mistake that Worked Out.

As one of my connections pointed out, even LinkedIn Experts can make a mistake! This one happened to work out! I always recommend my clients turn off their profile update notifications when they work on their profiles. You dont want to flood your network with every little change you make! In fact, I was showing a client how to do that on my profile, and then accidentally left notifications ON. A few hours later, I decided to add one of my new ventures, SocialSalesGPS to my profile under Experience. And the chaos ensued! 668 Congratulations later, I finally had to put my amazing assistant on managing my exploding inbox! But heres the thing Thats 668 opportunities to engage with my network! The views on my profile doubled The clicks to... Read More

Keywords are Key to being Found

By: Viveka Saturday April 30, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn keywords, LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is similar to Google in that if you have the right keywords in the right places you are much more likely to be found in a search. It is actually easier than Google. Many may already know what their keywords are, but on LinkedIn make sure to keep it simple! When people are looking for you, or someone like you, they may be looking for a social media strategist or a social media marketer. They may be looking for an accountant, but they are not going to search forensics wizard. The simpler and straight-forward your keywords are, the more easily people will be able to find you. That is the goal after all. Where do you look if you dont know what key words to use? Great question. One of the best places to find keywords is actually on the profiles of other LinkedIn users in your... Read More

Experience, Title Fields and Descriptions on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Tuesday July 1, 2014 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn Tips

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT Still having some difficulty getting found on LinkedIn? Well - as you grow your network (see ) you also need to be keyword optimizing your profile. Title Fields Placing keywords in your current and past title fields will also help you get found on LinkedIn. You have 100 characters. Your official title will always go first, but briefly describing what your company does can greatly increase traffic to your profile. If you are ever unsure of what to include, or need help with formatting, please feel free to look at my profile at so you can see what I have done. Understand your profile does not need to be as extensive as mine, (as this is what I do for a living,) but you can get the idea of what to do in the Title fields... Read More

Get Booked and Stay Booked on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Thursday February 28, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn profiles, Viveka von Rosen, profile development, business tip, professional speaker

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Speaker   1. Who are you? Sure you are a speaker, but you need to be clear about what you speak about and who your audience is. I’m sure you already know just what you have to offer – but make sure that your LinkedIn Profile reflects that too!  Very quickly jot down what you are known for, who you speak to.  Now look at your profile.  Would someone reading it know that? 2. Micro Elevator Speech Do you have a book, or a keynote you are known for?  Add them to your Professional Headline section. You have 120 characters to work with.  Think of it as a micro-elevator speech. Mine reads: Author of Wiley’s “LinkedIn Marketing: Hour a Day” ★Forbes Top 10 Most Influential Women★ International Keynote Speaker... Read More

LinkedIn Tops 70 Million Users

By: Viveka Tuesday June 22, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn profiles, Optimizing LinkedIn

So I was on LinkedIn yesterday checking out my network stats, and whoa! 70 Million Users! Of course I checked my RSS feed and had already written a story on it. So check it out - there's stuff you need to know. But more importantly, what does this mean to you as a professional and business owner? It means that, now more than ever, it is crucial for you to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you can be found by the people who want to hire you ! Just like the best (but un-optimized) webpage in the world, if you don't use your keywords in your personal profile and company description, you won't get found. That could be costing you thousands in revenue (trust me - I know - but that's a story for another time.) Check out my LinkedIn Tips above to find out... Read More