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Using LinkedIn's Introductions

By: Viveka Tuesday August 24, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert Tips

How do you BEST use your 5 introductions? Does it work well? I am not a fan of Introductions. I think they are good in theory, but in the end you are relying on someone else to pass along your introduction in a timely manner (if at all). As well, with the free account, you only get five introductions at a time (fifteen with the paid account). That means if you ask five people in a company to introduce you to someone, and none of them pass along the introduction, you won't have any more introductions to use again - indefinitely! You can withdraw introductions, but sometimes that takes weeks as well. Depending on if LinkedIn is having a good day or not. Here are my recommendations: Start the introduction process with the person you to whom you want to be Introduced .... Read More

What are Best Practices for Connecting on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Monday August 23, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Expert Tips, #LinkedInChat

In the recent webinar I did with MLTCreative on LinkedIn for B2B Marketing, there were several questions we were unable to get to during the presentation. I will be answering many of them in my blog posts over the next few weeks. Sandra H. asked: How do you recommend that we connect with people who we don't know on LinkedIn? When inviting people to connect on LinkedIn, there are limited options to show your relationship: Colleague Classmate Weve done business together Groups Other And I dont know Obviously if any of the first three options apply, use them. You can use the friend option without knowing the other person's email address if you haven't been... Read More

Advice to a New LinkedIn User (Lurking in Answers)

By: Viveka Monday July 5, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Expert Tips, LinkedIn Answers

Advice to new users (sourced from LinkedIns Answers section) I was lurking around LinkedIn Answers today looking to be inspired for this blog post. The first question to pop up was, synchronistically, from my friend Michele Reynolds . She asked: What sage advice would you give someone just starting out on LinkedIn? All the advice shared was dot on. Some of the highlights were: Nick Acott who said: Be friendly, offer advice where you can regardless of how trivial you may think it is and try to put up some engaging questions/posts on discussion boards. And the occasional smiley face :) (You can find Nick at ) Sahar Adrade suggests (edited): Be courteous, Dont push your services/ products, ... Read More