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There are blessings in disasters - or what to do when your website gets hacked.

By: Viveka Tuesday July 13, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Twitter, LinkedIntoBusiness, hacked website, hostgator

On Saturday my website was hacked. It started with this email from some dude named "Info". The subject line was: Are you OK?!?! The content read: Hi, Im a hacker. I dont have much time, but I saw that you remove the account that I created on your Cpanel, you know that I dont want to harm to your site. I just want to have some space to park my domain. But , if you annoy me, I annoy you too. This is the first alarm. If you dont pay attention to this alarm I will hack your site very terrible. Well, besides having atrocious spelling and grammar skills, this guy just pissed me off! So I went to my site: and sure enough, this lovely message came up: (What happened - for those of you who understand what this... Read More