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By: Viveka Monday June 11, 2012 comments Tags: Pealk

Pealk:  Search, Engage and Track!

I was recently invited to beta test an interesting (and very fast growing) new application for LinkedIn called Pealk. 

Pealk makes it easy to find & contact professionals, for both new and advanced users.  Pealk dedicates itself to what they term “hunting”  (searching, sorting & engaging people for professional purposes.)  If you’ve ever tried to find – and contact a LinkedIn member, you know it can be challenging.  Pealk is the solution making your search an initial connection simple, efficient & pleasant!

One of the key elements that I like even more than the search is Pealk’s targeted and highly personalized messages.  I’ve got to tell you, I love this application.  I was a little worried that it might promote spam on LinkedIn, but really, I think it promotes the opposite.  Targeted, relevant communication with my network.  No matter what tool I use – my first criteria is:  will this help me build relationships.  The answer is a resounding YES!

How does Pealk work?

  1. Search: easily search, browse & organize LinkedIn profiles. It’s the main panel that concentrates more than 80% of the time spent by each user.

  2. Engage: reach professionals with smart messages, very easy to customize

  3. Track: get analytics on your work and manage all your interactions.

Here’s what you do step by step:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with LinkedIn

  3. Enter your search criteria

  4. Click on Search

  5. Pull up to 15 of your member search results into the “My Folder” box on the left side of the page.

  6. Name your folder (you can do this first, of course) to reflect your search

  7. Once you have all the people you want to contact, click on “Launch a new Campaign”

  8. Create a template (Or you can choose a template they have already created0

  9. Write your note

  10. Click on Create

  11. Drag your new template into your folder

  12. Customize your messages

  13. Send!

  14. Check your stats to see who has responded

If the person is a 2nd or 3rd level connection, Pealk will send them an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn first.  Be careful with this one – you don’t want your profile to get dinged as Spam!

Overall – I think this is a marvelous new tool.  I love the ability to easily find (and the search was very accurate) and send a customized note to up to 15 people a day.  This is going to be a great asset for those folks who have a targeted message strategy in place.

Another benefit is that you can also see a snapshot of the person you are sending a message too which can help you to customize your message more effectively.

My only caveat is to be careful inviting people who are outside of your network.  It’s too easy to report your invitation as spam, which could hurt you.  And you only get 3000 invitations ever; so don’t waste them on folks who are likely to refuse

 Genesis of Pealk (From their Promo material)

The idea behind Pealk has come from a very simple observation made using intensively LinkedIn in the context of our previous startup: LinkedIn is a gold mine to identify & engage with professionals. But it seriously lacks a dedicated tool to make this practice less boring and more efficient for daily hunters!

For instance, the design of LinkedIn search doesn’t fit the expectations of hunters, browsing hundreds of profiles each day to find the right match!

In the year 2011, we developed software for our daily work, making it possible for us to be more efficient when hunting on LinkedIn. When we realized the market potential of our innovative software, we decided to create Pealk, the #1 Hunting App for LinkedIn!


Pealk has been founded by 4 French entrepreneurs:

Anthony, Boris and Nicolas have created their first startup company together in 2010. Yann joined them when Pealk was created. The team also includes 1 web developer and 1 designer.


 We are also thrilled to have Boris Golden, the CEO of Pealk as a guest with us Tuesday June 12th on the #LinkedInChat

Here are a few things Boris will share with us:

Q1:  Tell us a bit about yourself, Boris.

Q2:  How did you come up with the idea of Pealk?

Q3:  What's the point of Pealk? Can't I do all those things with my LinkedIn account?

Q4:  What kind of people can use Pealk?

Q5:  How can Pealk benefit your experience of LinkedIn?

Q6:  Are you a competitor of LinkedIn Recruiter?

Q7:  What is your business model?

Q8:  What is your relationship with LinkedIn?

Q9:  Anything more you would like to add?


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