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By: Viveka Friday December 10, 2010 comments Tags: Social Media Santa

Some Social Media Advice for St. Nick

As we approach the holiday season, it becomes clear to me that SOMEONE has to take over Santa’s Social Media Strategy – I’m applying for the job. (Will work for cookies and milk.)

So Santa Baby - here’s the thing.  You’ve got most of the bases covered already.  You get that social media culture is all about giving – I mean – that’s your job right?  So I don’t have to train you or the elves on a giving culture.  You’ve also got the viral thing nailed.  Everyone is sharing the news.

You’ve got some great affinity partnerships set up with Hallmark and Toys-R-Us.  Also with some local Christian churches.  The thing is, sometimes the message is a little skewed.  Do we get presents because the Baby Jesus was theoretically born on December 25th?  (Which has been disproved by Biblical scholars – they’re thinking he was actually born some time in June.)  Or because you like flying around in your magic buggy pulled by flying reindeer? And how in the world – when the authenticity is the name of the game in social media – did you pull that story off???  I need to talk to your spin doctors!

That being said – it might be a good idea to get some social media monitoring in place.  As hard as it is to believe – some people just don’t dig you!  You need to see what those folks are saying – and address their issues.  If someone wants to dis Christmas – well, that’s their prerogative.  But you want to be aware of it and handle and really bad press.  Like – you might want to stop kissing people’s wives.  Did you know they wrote a song about it already?  That’s the kind of news you don’t want going viral!

Also – are those really elves, or are you illegally employing children?  With the transparency of social media you can’t hide something like that for a long time.  So – well – let’s just hope the little folks are actually elves!  Let’s not get into illegal labor practices – you can’t hide anymore.  (Just ask Julian Assange with WikiLeaks).  You are much too public a figure for funny business!

Let’s talk branding.  What image do you want to portray?  Santa Clause? St. Nick?  Father Christmas?  Are we talking fuzzy red outfit or long blue robes?  (Since I brought up robes, what does PETA think about the fur lined trimming on the red outfit?)  You have to get a little more unified in the image you are sharing with the world.

Now – you might also want to create an official fan page on Facebook. You can only have 5000 friends, so if you are really connected to all the little boys and little girls, then you need to have a real page.  And make it clear it’s the official one.  Have you seen all the imposters out there?

So I have to say I was impressed when I checked you out on Twitter.  You went ahead and claimed, and - although why you chose NORADSanta as your main address, I’ll never know.  But – you know – at least you are using Twitter, updating us as to where you are, taking gift requests.  So – well done :)  Some final Twitter advice for you:

  • Drop the obvious sales messages.

  • Start following people back (they might want to send you a private message if the gift they want is from Victoria’s Secret)

  • Start responding to people

  • Give thanks for the #FF and RT’s.

While we’re at it – dude, seriously – your LinkedIn Profile sucks.  I’d be happy to help.  Here’s some LinkedIn Tips and Tricks.  Send your Marketing Elf to me – we’ll get you straightened out.

OK – I’m going to wrap this up as I have a gift list to post at the Apple store, and some last minute gifts to buy at Amazon.  For more good ideas, do a little bit of research on these social sites.

Like here’s a good idea from Mashable:  Do your Secret Santa on Twitter this year. You have until – well – tomorrow, December 13th to get involved.

  • Send your favorite Christmas Carol to your friend’s Facebook Walls (Hey Gary, how are you liking those Little Drummer Boy Tunes?)

  • Make a Naughty and Nice List on Facebook.

  • Make a Naughty and Nice Photo album on Facebook.

  • Create a Naughty and Nice list on Twitter.

  • Tag your Naughty friends (especially the hot ones)

OK – so I think I have given you some good ideas.  But since I have you…

Christmas List:

  • 11 inch Macbook Air

  • iPad

  • $2000 iTunes gift card

  • Tesla Roadster

  • Ski in/Ski out condo in Aspen

  • Peace in Earth

  • Good Will towards ALL humankind

  • Continuing health for my friends and family

What do you want for Christmas???

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