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By: Viveka Saturday April 9, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, Tweetchat, Viveka von Rosen, #SMManners, @DabneyPorte

Join us on the #SMManners chat Tuesday night!

Every Tuesday night at 10 PM EST @DabneyPorte hosts the #SMManners chat.   What is it about?  Well – manners – tips – best practices on social media.  Dabney asked me to be a guest on her chat (mine’s at 8 PM EST #LinkedInChat) and I said yes right away!  The amazing thing about 140 characters is that you can really get to know – and like a person – without ever meeting them. And Dabney’s on of my favorite diva’s!

So join us!  I like using and the hashtag with be #SMManners - but you can use whichever service you prefer.

But wait, you ask.  What will you be talking about?  Well LinkedIn of course!  The red-headed step child of social media.  (Hey – Prince Harry is a red head and he’s way cuter than Andrew.)  And we can't forget the dynamic @RedHeadWriting who has changed the image of red heads forever!

Here’s the thing – LinkedIn get’s ignored in the flash and glory of its social media brethren, Facebook and Twitter.  But it’s still a viable tool, and if you are going to use it, there are some things you need to know.  Some questions we will answer are:

  1. Should you do things differently on LinkedIn then you do on Twitter and Facebook?

  2. Should you connect to people you don’t know?

  3. How many connections are too many connections?

  4. Should you feed your tweetstream into LinkedIn?

  5. Should you send a message to a complete stranger on LinkedIn?

  6. What is good group etiquette?

  7. Do people know if you unconnect from them?

  8. What makes a good profile?

  9. What are some good LinkedIn tips?

Plus any question you have that I can answer! (Please feel free to leave any questions you want answered in the comments section below.)

I hope to see you at both the #LinkedInChat and the #SMManners chat on Tuesday night!



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