"SocialVivify's" Match.com Dating Disaster - So Long Jeff Cavey

By: Viveka Monday March 29, 2010 comments

Update:  So a friend of mine was targeted in almost exactly the same scam - different name, and he was an "executive" working in England (supposedly German with an African accent)  Anyway, it took him a month, but he asked her for money last weekend.  Same MO.

Then Sheryl contacted me (see comments below) contacted by no other than Jeff Cavey himself.  To the real Jeff Cavey out there - if there is a real Jeff Cavey - I am so sorry your name has been appropriated by these scammers!

Please forward this blog to all your friends using Match.com.  Its my one woman attempt to take down these jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not Match.com - but the people abusing the site and making it an unsavory place to be.)

Ah…. he was perfect.

He had brown hair, hazel eyes and a nice smile.

He did good work in Africa, had a German mother, traveled a lot and made upwards of 100K a year.

He was 6’2” and his 10 year old son Dusty was adorable.

His name was Jeff Cavey, and I thought he was the man of my dreams.

Remember what you mom told you about too good to be true?

Well here are some warning signs if you are using Match.com

    • The first guy who winks at you is the most perfect guy on Match.com

    • He says he is shutting down his account because he has had no luck with it, but is so glad that you were the last person he saw

    • He wants you to communicate with him OUTSIDE of Match

    • He doesn’t have Skype

    • He makes over 100K a year and yet his computer doesn’t have a video cam on it

    • He asks you to call him because he is doing good works in Africa – and his phone number is Nigerian – and they are having issues with it so he can’t call out, but can accept calls

    • When you do call him, he sounds African, not German

    • He takes 24 hours to send you pics of himself

    • He is jealous of your Matches, and asks if he can shut down your account

    • He asks for your password

    • He never answers your questions

    • His English (writing) sucks

    • He asks for money for his poor son who has just fallen and he spend all him money on airline tickets

    • His name is Jeff Caver

    • He's in the Oil Business and is a Democrat :)

    • And finally – HE DOESN’T SHOW UP ON GOOGLE AT ALL –  not even with intellus.

These guys have mastered the art of seducing women.  Fortunately we are all getting a little savvier (I didn’t fall for all of it, but some of it)  What amazes me is the art of finding a name that is basically invisible or anonymous on Google.  I didn’t think that was possible.  Also amazing is the fact that he was able to hack into my Match account and subvert it.  Also amazing is that Match.com is doing nothing about it or him.  I mean, they have records, right?

So this is really embarrassing, kind of funny, and I wanted to put a warning out there to the romantic and gullible men and women like me.  Nigerian Dude who is Masquerading as Jeff’s mistake was trying to sucker a big mouth like me.

A few more tips for dating when you are on Match:

    1. If he or she is out of country – wait til they get back to start communications

    1. If he or she is out of state, have them download Skype so you can see who you are talking about.

    1. If things start to get serious, ask if they will submit to the questions of your friends, and be willing to talk to theirs.

    1. Don’t share your SSN until you get married – and maybe not even then!

    1. Match has precautions in place, when you communicate within match.  So stay within match.

    1. And watch out for guys named Jeff Cavey.

Oh, and if the real Jeff Cavey is out there, and you really do look like your photos, my number is 1-800-555-fool


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