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Getting Strategic with LinkedIn Signal



LinkedIn Signal is one of my absolute favorite tools for monitoring my brand, as well as finding, connecting to and building relationships with potential clients customers, vendors, employees or employers, or partners. According to LinkedIn, Signal casts professional lens on LinkedIn and Twitter updates by:

  • Letting you see what industries, companies, and geographic locations are saying about any topic.

  • Showing you a quick survey of links that are trending around any topic.

  • Narrow down your search to see only links shared by your immediate connections.

I like Signal because:

  • It allows you to communicate and build relationships with people who are not first level connections.

Here’s a sneak peak at the strategy I will be recommending in my book LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day!

 Who or What  to Monitor?

  • Create a list of the influencers in your industry you would like to create a relationship with

  • Create a list of executives in your company

  • Create a your list of clients

  • Create a list of potential clients

  • Create a list of the products and services you offer right now

  • Create a list of products or services you've offered in the past

  • Create a list of products or services that you are considering offering

  • Create a list of competitors

  • Create a list of your competitor’s products and services

Lists to Monitor

Critical List

Go through all of the above lists and create a master list of those companies, people, products, or services that are most important for you or your company to keep an eye on at this time.

Important List

Create another list of companies, people, products or services that are not crucial to your business, but that you still might want to keep an eye on.

Somewhat Relevant Maybe in the Future List

Create a third list of people, products, and services to keep handy just in case.

Monitoring your List

1.  Go to and do a search for every company, person product or service in the first list. And then save those searches.  You will probably want to click on these saved searches weekly, if not daily.

2.  Save the second list to your desktop. Put a reminder in your calendar to monthly, if not weekly, do a Signal search on these companies, people, products or services.

3.  Finally, calendar a quarterly review of the third list. To see if there are any people products services or companies that need to be moved to list one or list two

Responding to Your Search

When you get a search results on an Influencer you've been wanting to connect with, go ahead and comment on their update.  If you are using a CRM, (customer relationship management) make a note that you responded to their comment.

If you see a client or customer has commented, posted a status update, or has been mentioned in the status update, then comment or respond to that status update.  Again, if it is an important client, make a note in your CRM.

If you see that a existing, or prospective client or customer has been mentioned in a status update in a positive way, perhaps send them in an email, give them a phone call, or send them a message through LinkedIn congratulating them.

If someone has complemented your product or service or company in a status update, then thank them by commenting on their status update, e-mailing them, phoning them, or sending them a message through LinkedIn.  Of course if you thank them by responding to their comments on Signal, it will be visible to the public which is good publicity. But if you phone or email them, your communication will be more personal and will probably do more to build your relationship. You know the best way to respond to your customers or clients.  Maybe do both!

If someone has complained about a competitor's product or service, and you feel comfortable doing so, you might reach out to that individual and let them know about your product or service that will meet their needs.

If someone has complained about your product, service or company, whether justified or unjustified.  handle it.  Immediately.  Thank them for their response, apologize for the breakdown or misunderstanding (or clarify the misunderstanding if they are wrong) and then, if necessary,  do what you need to to make it right.  And do this publicly if possible.

If someone has mentioned needing a product or service that you offer, by all means reach out to them through status updates, or if you can, through Twitter or a message through LinkedIn.

If you are diligent in searching and monitoring LinkedIn Signal, you have an amazing opportunity to find and connect with exactly the right people to build your business, and it only takes a little prep work.  So let’s get started!


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