Targeted Company Updates Finally Released to Everyone!

By: Viveka Monday July 2, 2012 comments

Target you Company Status Updates to the Exact Right Audience!

You can now create your own updates within your company profile. It’s similar to creating a status update on your home page, or on Twitter or Facebook. Open your company profile and make sure that you’re on the Overview page. On the Overview tab you will see a field that allows you to share an update.

LinkedIn says this about company status updates:

"You can post and share items like company news, promotions, relevant industry articles, and YouTube videos. Company status updates can have text in a link to a website, image or YouTube video. URLs will be automatically shortened by LinkedIn’s URL shortener. Any LinkedIn member can comment on, like, or share a company status update. Once a member takes action on update, their network will also see the posting."

LinkedIn targeted status updates allow you to target and focus on the customers (followers) you want to talk to with information that is relevant to them. It’s a great way to engage with customers who are telling you they are already interested in you because they are following you! And now you will be able to create specific and targeted follower lists based on several new criteria: Industry, Seniority, Job Function, Company Size, Non-company Employees, and Geography. With targeted company status updates, you can deliver highly relevant content and increase engagement.

In addition to target status updates, you can use the new statistics to refine and improve your communications. Companies will be able to not only view follower count, but also track engagement metrics that include likes, shares, comments, percentage engagement, as well as follower demographic information. To see previous company status updates, scroll down below the Description and Network fields to see your recent company status.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on these posts, to see which kind of post best engages your audience. You will want to do more of that.

Nathan Latka of wrote a great post on fan engagement. I will share some of his ideas with you here:

  • Try asking: Yes or No: Do you engage your online community? Sometimes getting a yes or no response is just as good as getting a seven-paragraph response. They are both opportunities for you to engage with your community and get feedback.

  • Fill-in-the-blank updates always increase responses. Try something like:

  • I enjoy [company name] because _________

  • Our company has _______ employees.

  • Links are shared much more often than unlinked posts. Cater to your audience’s wants and needs by pulling in blog posts and articles that provide great value to those loyal folks.

  • The underlying theme is to just get people talking and facilitate conversation via your open-ended responses. Respond to every comment and ask questions to find out more about your audience. The most important element of engagement is the human factor. Don’t be afraid to add your own flavor to spice up your content a little more!

  • Stay positive, be honest, and the rest will come naturally.


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