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By: Viveka Wednesday October 17, 2012 comments Tags: profile development, New on LinkedIn, New LinkedIn UI

The "New" LinkedIn

Let’s hear it for round three of the “New” LinkedIn profile user interface!

LinkedIn's New User Interface is awesome

LinkedIn’s newest user interface (the 3rd in as many months) is rolling out today, as was revealed at LinkedIn’s latest press conference.

Alas - LinkedIn has turned off their UStream video of the press release  so you can no longer view it. Boo.  Really glad I wrote this article now!

I am so very excited about this new roll out because its really seems to be focused on engagement and insights into your network to facilitate that engagement.

Here are some cool things to look forward to:

Simplified Editing:

The New Home page allows both for information and content absorption as well as quick editing.  This means that you are more likely to add the features that will really differentiate you from everyone else out there because LinkedIn is making it easier to do so!  LinkedIn has had these "new" sections for over a year, but people are still failing to add them to their profiles.  Things like you certifications, publications, languages your speak, patents, Volunteer work, etc.  Now LinkedIn will guide you in promoting your expertise!

Featured Activity

When members go to your page they will see a snapshot of your profile (similar to what we have now) as well as you activity front and center.  So get active!

I was really disappointed when LinkedIn removed the update section from your viewed page.  But now it will be up front and center.  So those folks who have been quietly sitting on their profiles with no action, are really going to fall into the dud department.  And that's not good!  If you are trying to find a job, promote yourself or your brand - then get to updating!  (Hint - use the sharing bookmarklet)

Rich Insights

Your Network insights

LinkedIn has really focused on “Insights” (Statistics) so expect to see more of those on your home page – like visual insights of:

  • Profile completeness

  • Your network size

  • Your network's stats: where they live, their education, etc.

Connection's Insights

The New LinkedIn is also opening up insights into our connections – so we can see things like shared interests.  Now you really have no excuse not to reach out to someone and build your relationship with them!  LinkedIn will tell you what you have in common.  Use that common ground as a place for connecting!

Build Relationships

Wait for it……  You will soon be able to search your connection’s network by KEYWORD!!!!!  YAHOOOOOOO  I don't even think I need to comment on how powerful that will be.  Just think about it!  Need a video editor, check your connection's connections and get an introduction!  This is going to rock for creating relationships with potential vendors, partners, donors, volunteers, JVs, clients... the sky is the limit!!!!

Shared Interests:

You will also get to see your shared interests with second level connections.  Another great reason to grow your network!  Now you have common ground with folks who might seem like strangers - but you can share coffee and talk about your shared love of skiing, hiking, quantum physics or Saas!

Again - make sure you watch the LinkedIn Press Release: for all the latest and greatest.

This is the most excited I have been about LinkedIn in quite awhile.  They really seem to be moving towards supporting their membership.  What do you think?  Please share in the comments section below!

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