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The #LinkedInChat

    • When:  Every Tuesday Night

    • Where:   (or

    • Time:  8 Eastern, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific

    • Hosts:  @LinkedInExpert and... YOU!

    • Hashtag: #LinkedInChat

    • Topic:  LinkedIn Questions, Tips and Tricks

Tonight's TweetChat was such a success that we are going to do it every Tuesday Night.  Tell your friends and meet us on Twitter (As one Tweeter pointed out - the only social medium we could do this kind of chat on!)

But wait - there's more!  B-to-B Marketing agency, MLT Creative's and I (LinkedIntoBusiness) will also be offering a free LinkedIn webinar next week, July 28 at 2Pm MST!  Click here to find out more!

We're here to answer all your questions about LinkedIn!

Back to the Tweetchat, social media and why you should be using it!

Michael  Stelzner ( in his “Social Media Marketing Industry Report”  set out to understand how, why and where marketers and business owners were using social media.  His findings reflect that 88% of the participants are either using social media to market, or plan to shortly.   That leaves only 12% who will not be your competitors in the social media marketing world.

Social media either already is, or will shortly become an incredibly important aspect of your marketing plan.   Michael writes, “it is the nature of social media to share”, and so it is our desire to help you increase your company’s social media footprint by sharing some of the social media strategies we have used ourselves to increase our networks and monetize our presence on the holy triumvirate of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This TweetChat was developed by myself, and the good folks over at MLTCreative to answer your questions about using LinkedIn as a B2B

The TweetChat

The TweetChat looks like any “chat” on Twitter.  Using the hashtag#  to define your topic to your followers, and you can all chat about the same subject, gaining information and positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.  Of course I have done this with other social media strategists, but it works just as well for wedding planners, veterinarians, health care practitioners and industrialists (all clients of mine who have had success with the TweetChat.  For a quick video on how to actually do this, visit @MariSmith’s great youtube instructional videos.


    1. The first thing you will want to do is find some amazing strategic partners with whom to create a tweetchat.  Having the weighty presence of two experts in your industry can elevate the significance of your TweetChat.  Also, it’s nice to have someone to share the load with.

    1. Choose an interesting subject and have opinions about it

    1. Choose a date – and you might want to make it a recurring event.

    1. Create a post to share on your individual blogs to tell your followers a little bit more about the upcoming Tweet-In.

    1. Start inviting people to your TweetChatup to a month ahead of time (we are all busy people who need to schedule)

    1. Create a “guest list” or  “resource list” (perhaps list them on your blog as well)

    1. Tweet about the event

    1. Ask others to RT the event.


    1. Record (by cutting and pasting) the relevant tweets from your TweetChat

    1. Write another blog and highlight your findings

    1. Use information from your TweetChat to create a webinar, seminar or blog (make sure you get permission to use Tweets if you are going to quote anyone)

    1. Post results on a blog, or invite those who attended the TweetChat to you webinar or event (you might offer then a discounted rate, or event give them a promo code to get in free).

So what are the benefits of a TweetChat?

    • Build your network

    • Make strategic connections

    • Spread relevant information

    • Gain testimonials

    • Increase traffic to your blog and/or website

    • Gather information for your own business (webinars, events, blogs, white papers)

    • Increase business

    • Attract potential clientele

    • Attract PR

    • HAVE FUN

When is our TweetChat?

We’ll be tweetin’ about out LinkedIn at #LinkedInChat on Tuesday July 20th.  Join us and ask us questions, tell us your successes, agree or disagree with us.  We don’t care, we just want to see you there!


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