What is a CRM and why do I need one on LinkedIn?

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Content Relationship Management and LinkedIn

You might have heard the term, or might even be using a CRM in your marketing and sales efforts.  If not, you should be!  According to Wikipedia, “Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects.”  When using social media, and in particular LinkedIn, we have the ability to download some contact information about connections (1st level contacts).  LinkedIn doesn’t really have a useful CRM within its UI (user interface) so its you might consider utilizing third party apps like Avectra’s Social CRM.

Wikipedia continues, “It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.”  Unless you have a paid account on LinkedIn (starting at $24.95 a month) there is not way of organizing your connections other than tagging them.  There is certainly no way to automate and synchronize your services!

“The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients; nurture and retain those the company already has; entice former clients back into the fold; and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.”  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that kept you top of mind with your LinkedIn Network and didn’t involve hours of work a day?

“Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.”  Nuff said!

June 26th at 5 PM PST,  we have Patrick Dorsey of Avectra on the #LinkedInChat with us.  He is going to share his CRM and tell us how to use CRM’s more effectively in our sales, marketing and PR strategies.

Patrick Dorsey  (@PatrickFDorsey) is Avectra’s vice-president of marketing. He oversees the company’s marketing activities, brand strategy and is responsible for setting the vision, strategy, and direction of Avectra’s product lines. He is also the mastermind behind Purple Reign and the owner of The Streak. Asked to describe his role in 140 characters, he replied: Build great products, relentlessly focus on customer success & create an army of Avectra evangelists. Unapologetically Purple.

 Questions for Patrick on the #LinkedInChat


Q1: Tell us a little about yourself Patrick

Q2: Tell us about Avectra and how did you get involved with the company?

Q3: How do you define a CRM?

Q4: What is the difference between CRM and now Social CRM?

Q5: How can a LinkedIn member use your product?

Q6: What are some of the benefits a LinkedIn member could hope to see using Avectra?

Q7: There has been explosive growth on LinkedIn, and discussion groups are primary forums for conversations. What are the realities and challenges this creates for today’s organizations?

Q8: As a vp of marketing, you must have some favorite marketing campaigns. Can you share examples of good marketing out there?

Q9: How much does Avectra cost?

Q10: Any last words of advice?

The transcript for tonight's chat can be found here, http://beta.hashtracking.com/ht-pro-rpt/cjeffers-linkedinchat-2012-06-26/ thanks to Charlie Jeffers of @Hashtracking!

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A bit more on Avectra’s Social CRM

The "socialization" of society represents a fundamental shift in the way associations interact with their members. The member has changed, their expectations have changed, how they consume data, who they trust, how they communicate...have all changed. Avectra Social CRM acknowledges this shift and provides the only member engagement platform with the essential tools organizations need to fully demonstrate the intrinsic value of their membership and to articulate why their continued membership is not only valuable to them, but essential. Avectra Social CRM suite delivers a clearer view of the member's level of engagement with their organization, allowing association to identify and foster the members who are invested in the future of the association.

Avectra Social CRM incorporates the social interactions of the relationship into an organization's membership and business strategies to build long-term loyalty, trust, and mutual value - one member engagement at a time. And to realize these benefits and more, today's smallest, largest and most successful member-based organizations need a comprehensive suite of membership management and social business tools:

Avectra Social CRM represents a fundamental shift in the way an organization identifies, serves and retains its members to how it will define the future success of the organization and its membership initiatives. It signals the end of the era of AMS, and the beginning of the era of Social CRM for Associations.

Avectra’s Social Console

The Avectra Social Console brings social media management and monitoring to Avectra Social CRM. Combining tools for listening, engaging, publishing, and scheduling with powerful analytics in one robust tool, the Avectra Social Console makes social media management easier and more effective, while providing greater ROI for member-based organizations and companies of all shapes and sizes and across multiple industries.

With a simple, intuitive interface and the capability to work across multiple social media platforms, the Avectra Social Console makes it easy for organizations to engage with their members, customers and prospects and gain insight on their conversations and thoughts, develop social marketing plans, and save time while using social media. With the Avectra Social Console, social media doesn't have to be time-consuming or overwhelming.

Join the conversation when and where it is happening:

Organize: The Avectra Social Console allows users to streamline all of their social media platforms-creating a single dashboard to view and manage any and all Facebook pages or profiles, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn account, blogs, and more. The console allows users to view all current activity across all of their social media accounts; alternately, they may receive activity updates by a scheduled email digest.

In addition to organizing incoming social media messages and conversations, the Avectra Social Console makes it easy for associations to organize the work of posting on social media sites and engaging with members. Administrators of the account can select others to create and draft posts and reserve the right to approve all posts before they're published. Busy managers can be sure that every message on the organization's social media accounts are appropriate and on message, without being the sole social media manager.

Engage: Instead of jumping from one social media site to another throughout the day, the Avectra Social Console allows users to post and respond directly from their netFORUM account. User can instantly post to their social media accounts, post one message across several platforms, schedule posts for the future, and set reactionary messages that respond to followers when a person isn't available.

Capture: The Avectra Social Console's Capture This feature allows users to save particular posts and messages to your netFORUM AMS (Association Management System). Users are able to save important social information and make notes about a member's experience and preferences or save posts from non-members that mention the user's industry or association.

Analyze: Powerful analytics allow users to make sense of their social media efforts and develop personal best practices for their marketing efforts. Avectra Social Console reports can determine the sentiment of social conversations and the effects, impact, and reach of individual posts.

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