What to Do When You Need Better Results Than "LinkedIn Member"

By: Viveka Monday January 14, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Tip, LinkedIn hack, LinkedIn Hacks

LinkedIn Name Search Hack

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Have you ever looked for someone on LinkedIn and instead of a name seen "LinkedIn Member"?  Unfortunately, when doing an advanced search on LinkedIn for a type of person, more often than not instead of the person's name, you'll get the irritating non answerL "LinkedIn Member."  This is especially with the free account and if you have a smaller network.  It appears at this point that your only option is to pay LinkedIn money in the form of a monthly membership to get access to that person's name. But have no fear, the LinkedIn hacker is here!


Video below if that's your thing!

Steps to the LinkedIn Name Search Hack

    1. The first thing you want to do is copy any piece of information available. This is usually the professional headline. Copy and paste this into the Google search bar with quotation marks at either end of the phrase.

    1. Do a Google search. Often times the person's name and their LinkedIn profile will be the first, second, or third option in the Google search results.

    1. If that is not the case, go back to your search and simply type the word "LinkedIn" in front of your phrase in quotation marks.

    1. Now if you click on the person's name, you might get access to their profile. (It is up to them whether they have made their public profile visible or not, but by default most people's public profiles are indeed visible on Google and visible to you.)

So now you have a first name and sometimes last name, and you have access to whatever information they have made visible in their public profiles.  And that is a great start!  Bu now what?  Well find out next week when I teach you the "Message Hack".

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Q6: What's your favorite thing about LinkedIn?








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