What Will (Should) LinkedIn Do For Us In 2013

By: Viveka Monday December 31, 2012 comments Tags: New on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Predictions

A list of LinkedIn Predictions for 2013


LinkedIn Predictions for 2013 LinkedIn Predictions for 2013

In my book LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day, I made some predictions about what LinkedIn had in store for us

More media

A few things, like easily adding rich media to our profiles has come to pass (see more on that here.)  I think that is one of my favorite predictions that came to pass.

Connections Search

One of my big wishes was to be able to search my connection's connections by keyword, and that has come to pass as well!  Woohoo!

Integrated CRM

Another of my predictions, a beefier integrated CRM might be on the way!  I recently spoke with one of LinkedIn’s advisors and her recommended we keep an eye on ConnectedHQ.com, a CRM that LinkedIn purchased a few years ago.  (Note to readers - GET THIS NOW)

LinkedIn Analytics

I’m still hoping for better analytics.  LinkedIn has a long way to go until it reaches Facebook's Insights.  Nonetheless, I'm hoping all the new features with the personal profile UI and Profile Statistics, Company Page Insights (interesting that they adopted the same name as Facebook) and Group Statistics (that could be better) that we'll see beefier stats in the new year.  The Personal Profile, Company Page Update stats and Group stats prove they have the technology – now they just need to apply it!

LinkedIn Applications

Finally – I’d love to see more and better LinkedIn applications – although with the removal of apps from the LinkedIn UI, they don’t seem to be moving in the right direction!  Then again, they coulda bought Instagram!  To end on a positive note, I have talked to many developers and they say LinkedIn is really trying to work with them in creating new integrated apps.

What other experts have to say

So those are my predictions, but here are some of the predictions other LinkedIn experts have made about 2013 and what it might mean to us on LinkedIn!

My friend and amazing LinkedIn Guru (though he would never call himself that)  Neal Shaeffer has this to say:

"LinkedIn in 2013 will continue to thrive on its main business of connecting professionals with companies. However, companies getting savvier with their social media marketing will start discovering the benefits of having a larger presence on the site, and thus I expect to see a growth in LinkedIn Ads, Groups, Companies as well as the convergence of HR/Marketing in Employment Branding. I look forward to LinkedIn continuing its ways of surprising us with new and unique features such as the recent introduction of Endorsements."


My business partner, owner of LinkedStrategies  and amazing LinkedIn consultant and businessman Nate Kievman has hopes for SMB and customer service:

"In 2013 we can expect massive innovations around the business sector vs the HR world. Expect to see more improvements for the small business owner. The individual professionals and more enhanced Profile options and access. Simultaneously, we can expect to see LinkedIn beginning to get its act together with customer service – THANK GOD!

My wishlist (less likely) is to see LinkedIn embrace it’s advocates such as Viveka and myself. No worries though, it will happen, it’s just a matter of time.

Additionally, we will see enhancements to the Company pages supporting features like events, private targeted communications and advertisements – not necessarily free though!"


My dear twitter buddy and LinkedIn Expert Danny Hanssel say:

"I'd love it if LinkedIn offered a social aggregation tool that ranked first level connections in your LI network by how many platforms you are connected with them on (FB, TWT, G+, etc.). Perhaps could also sort by influence (I prefer Peer Index to Klout because PI scores are more about propensity for engagement than fame.)"


My friend and client Are Morch, who pretty much has LinkedIn for Hoteliers nailed says this:

"From a Hospitality perspective I hope LinkedIn allows for more advanced application development. …Would like to see the option for booking engines on LinkedIn

I’m still puzzled that LinkedIn took out Events. So I predict that they will revamp their LinkedIn Groups with new functionality. If not they may experience many Group owners looking into transferring their audience over to Google+ Communities.

Like Danny, I really see the need for one centralized CRM system. Looking forward to see what our friends at FullContactApp.com is up to.

Even though LinkedIn added some great functionality to Company Pages, I still think it lack something. Maybe there they could provide the suggested CRM function. Since LinkedIn is more B2B. Just saying ;)"


Even though  Andrew Brandt is much more than "he LinkedIn Curmudgeon", i just adore that title.  Andy has this to say:

"I would like LinkedIn to not only espouse social media, but to embrace it with their users: listening and changing according to what the users want. As a prediction, however, past actions suggest that is about as likely as global peace and goodwill to all men"  hee hee


LinkedInChatter and member of our LinkedIn Experts community, Joanne Tosti-Vasey was the last to weigh in:

"I would like to see LinkedIn create an event app that allows us to invite colleagues to it.This would be quite helpful for professional networking by linking the cyber world w/ the face-to-face world."

So what are your predictions for LinkedIn in 2013?  What would you like to see?  Let us know in comments below!

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